RBF Network Based QFT Parameter-Scheduling Control Design for Linear Time-Varying Systems and Its Application to a Missile Control System

시변시스템을 위한 RBF 신경망 기반의 QFT 파라미터계획 제어기법과 alt일 제어시스템에의 적용

  • Published : 2000.10.01


Most of linear time-varying(LTV) systems except special cases have no general solution for the dynamic equations. Thus, it is difficult to design time-varying controllers in analytic ways, and other control design approaches such as robust control have been applied to control design for uncertain LTI systems which are the approximation of LTV systems have been generally used instead. A robust control method such as quantitative feedback theory(QFT) has an advantage of guaranteeing the stability and the performance specification against plant parameter uncertainties in frozen time sense. However, if these methods are applied to the approximated linear time-invariant(LTI) plants which have large uncertainty, the designed control will be constructed in complicated forms and usually not suitable for fast dynamic performance. In this paper, as a method to enhance the fast dynamic performance, the approximated uncertainty of time-varying parameters are reduced by the proposed QFT parameter-scheduling control design based on radial basis function (RBF) networks for LTV systems with bounded time-varying parameters.