Three Dimensional Buckling Analysis of Continuous Welded Rail Track Under Thermal Load

온도하중을 고려한 장대레일 궤도의 3차원 좌굴 거동

  • Published : 2000.05.01


For many decades, the railway was constructed using tracks with jointed rails of relatively short lengths. The joints cause many drawbacks in the track and lead to signeficant maintenance cost. so, railroad engineers became interested in eliminating joints. Continuous welded rail(CWR) track has many advantages over the conventional jointed-rail track. but, in the case of the elimination of rail joints, it may cause the track to be suddenly buckled laterally by thermal loads. In this paper, firstly, 3-D CWR track model and CWRB program exactly considering the influence of tie are developed far linear static and buckling analysis using finite element method. Characteristics of CWR track model are using 7-dofs beam element as rail, Offset technic exactly considering centroid axies difference of track components(rail, rail-pad-fastener, tie), and Thermal gradient considering thermal difference of top flange and bottom flange in rail section.. second,, Through the static and linear buckling analysis by CWRB, Influences of various track components (rail, ballast, fastener, tie and so on..) on CWR track behavior and stability was characterized.