Polymer Waste Incineration by Oxygen Enriched Combustion

사업장폐기물의 순산소 소각기술

  • Published : 2000.12.08


Oxygen enriched incineration can increase the incineration capacity for wastes and dramatically reduce air pollutant emissions such as CO and dioxine by the allowing complete combustion of wastes in incinerator. Furthermore, this technology is proven to have many benefits including an energy-saving, cost-effective, and versatile application for diverse wastes compared with the conventional air incineration technology. The reduced pollutant emissions in flue gas and higher incineration efficiency are also available when the oxygen enriched air is used for the high temperature incineration systems. On the basis of the experimental results the oxygen enrichment system is successfully applied to the rotary kiln incinerator for industrial wastes. The oxygen enriched incineration system could be allowed more compact design of incinerator and flue gas treatment system due to both increasing incineration capacity and reducing flue gas volume. Therefore, oxygen enriched incineration technology is becoming highlighted in the waste incinerator which strongly require more stable efficiency and environmentally friendly and safe operationPut Abstract text here.