Power-flow Independent Modeling of Vehicle Powertrain

Power-flow에 독립적인 파워트레인 모델링

  • Published : 2001.04.01


A lot of efforts have been made to analyze the performance of the vehicle equipped with automatic transmission through simulation. It might be necessary to understand the different types of transmissions, i.e., different power flows, for different models. If there is a module that can be applied to different types of automatic transmission, it could be helpful to transmission-related engineers. This study has started up from this idea. The common bond graph has been obtained from several types of the automatic transmission. The overall generalized equations and kinematic constraint equations have been derived using virtual power sources on common bond graph. They are used to derive state equations and constraints. These equations have been applied as an application to the vehicle equipped with two simple planetary gear set type of Ravigneaux gear type automatic transmission. The state equation, kinematic constraints, and dynamic constraints have been derived in every gear and shift operation using overall generalized equations and kinematic constraint equations. Simulations for constraint speed running, standing-start running, rolling-start running, and LA-4 mode have been conducted to analyze the performance of the vehicle powertrain using GVPS(Generalized Vehicle Powertrain Simulation) program wit pull down menus.