Development of Injection Moulding Method of Sabot using Polyetherimide Composite Material

PEI계 복합 재료를 이용한 탄자 운반체의 사출 성형 기술 개발에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.04.01


This research covers the development of new technique for composite injection molding of high stiffness Sabot. An analysis of polymer resin is performed by means of making test specimen mold and doing test with accordance of ASTM test guidelines. Structural analysis and simulation of injection molding process are carried out in order not only to estimate but also to predict the characteristics of molding stresses what both product and structure of mold may have. For structural analysis software, Moldflow and LS-dyna are used and universal test machine is utilized for evaluating performance of sabot. Cases of adopting this material to sabot are not announced yet in domestic academic world. In addition to that, materials for polymer-metal mixed injection molding are imported on the whole due to deficient level of domestic technology. Therefore, this new developed injection molding technique using PEI material can make it available to ensure the technology of making mold, injection and design. Finally, this technique may be applicable to another sabot having different radius of warheads from now on.