Geotechnical Applications of Industrial By-products for Reducing Environmental Impacts - ln the Case of Pulverized Coal Fly Ashes -

  • Kazuya Yasuhara (Department of Urban and Civil Engineering, Ibaraki University) ;
  • Sumio Horiuchi (Dr of Eng., Chief Research Engineer, Technical Research Institute) ;
  • Hideo Komine (Department of Urban and Civil Engineering, Ibaraki University)
  • Published : 2001.10.01


Based on the results from investigation of behaviour of pulverized fly ashes (PFA) at laboratory and field, the way how to reduce the environmental impacts to geotechnical practices Is considered and described. In order to reduce discharged industrial by-products, it should primarily be emphasized that an effort are made as much as possible not to put into homing. Secondarily, an effort must be made to increase amount of utilization to geotechnical engineering practices. In addition, from an environmental point of view, we should challenge to create innovative materials which are eligible for controlling other wastes and remedying contamination m soils by using industrial byproducts which belong to wastes This Is a new concept in which the polluting materials can be eliminated by making use of wastes. Based on the above-stated concept, the previous and possible utilization of PFA is classified into: (1 ) reclamation, embankment or backfill material, (2) light weight geo-material, (8) soil stabilization/improvement, and (4) environmental material. The reason why PFA, in particular, slurry PFA has been used and will possibly be used more widely is due to the fact that PFA has the advantages : (i) low specific gravity leading to a light weight geomaterial, (ii) high pozzolanic activity enhancing strength, especially due to cement addition, and (iii) spherical shape of particles producing isotropy and then pumpability. As well as the concept of reducing geo-environmental impacts, the present text mainly describes the successful results at laboratory and field which have been obtained by the authors. The most important issue hi application of byproducts including PFA for geotechnical practices is to prevent leakage of polluted substances from sedimentary deposits, ground and earth structures. As one of possible techniques far achieving this purpose, a method of washing off the polluted substances by hot water is described.