Development of Empirical Equation for Prediction of Minimal Track Buckling Strength

곡선부 궤도의 최소좌굴강도 추정식의 개발

  • Published : 2001.10.01


In this study, a empirical equation which can be feasibly used to evaluate minimal track buckling strength without exact numerical analysis is presented. Parameter studies we carried out to investigate the effects of the individual factor on buckling strength. In order to simulate track buckling in the field as precisely as possible, a rigorous buckling model which accounts for all the important parameters is adopted. A empirical equation for prediction of minimal track buckling strength is derived by taking nonlinear regression of data which are obtained from numerical analyses. Its characteristics and applicability are investigated by comparing the results by the presented equation with the one by the equation which was presented in japan, and is frequently using in korea when designing track structure.