A study on constructing CWR for railroad on bridges

기존선 교량구간의 장대레일화 방안 연구

  • Published : 2001.05.01


The CWR, when installed on the bridge, may introduce extra responses in displacement, stress etc. due to the expansion of bridge girders. To release these responses, a special concern must be put on the CWR on bridges, especially for the long span bridges. Since the risk of derailment of vehicle due to buckling or breakout of the rails on bridges is of importance, the establishment of appropriate guidelines to check the performance of CWR on bridges is crucial for safe operation of train. In this study, using the program CWRAP, specialized for response of rails on bridges, several schemes for constructing CWR on bridges are suggested. In audition, a special concern is given to the bridge with sharp curve which is vulnerable to buckling due to temperature loads.