Strength of composite notches under shear load

전단하중을 받는 복합재료 다중 노치의 파괴강도

  • 이재광 (한국기계연구소 복합재료실) ;
  • 황병선 (한국기계연구소 복합재료) ;
  • 박승범 (한국기계연구소 복합재료) ;
  • 박인서 (국방과학연구) ;
  • 윤한기 (동의대학교 기계산업시스템 공학부)
  • Published : 2001.05.01


An experimental research work for the fracture and notch strength of thick laminates has been performed to develop high quality composite notches for structural use. Thus, the multi-directional laminates are designed and compared to the baseline aluminum. The difference of notch strength caused by manufacturing techniques is also discussed. The notches of selected materials are evaluated by the static test and low-velocity impact test. Failure modes are also observed and assessed. Material design is evaluated by the FEA(finite element analysis) and confirmed by experiments. The successful results are obtained for thick composite notches, which shows higher strength than aluminum notches.