The Design and Manufacture of Pantograph for Korean High Speed Train

한국형 고속전철용 판토그라프의 설계 및 제작

  • Published : 2001.11.01


We have been developing the pantograph for Korean High Speed Train for the last five years. To fulfil the following requirements at designed speed of 350km/h : 1) contact loss less than 1 %, 2) aerodynamic noise less than 91dB, 3) average uplift force less than 200N, the pantograph has been modified two times since the first prototype pantograph was manufactured, By means of the following up characteristic test, low speed wind tunnel test, and high speed wind tunnel test for the prototype pantographs, we found that the aerodynamic uplift force did not exceed l60N at speed up to 350km/h and the aerodynamic noise was less than 88dB, that the following up characteristics of the prototype pantograph was excellent.