Stress Intensity Factor Calculation for the Semi-elliptical Surface Flaws on the Thin-Wall Cylinder using Influence Coefficients

영향계수를 이용한 원통용기 표면결함의 응력확대계수의 계산

  • 장창희 (전력연구원 원자력연구실 완전설비지원그룹) ;
  • 문호림 (전력연구원 원자력연구실 완전설비지원그룹) ;
  • 정일석 (전력연구원 원자력연구실 완전설비지원그룹)
  • Published : 2001.06.27


As an integral part of the probabilistic fracture mechanics analysis, stress intensity factor calculation scheme for semi-elliptical surface flaws in thin-walled cylinder has been introduced. The approximation solution utilizes the influence coefficients to calculate the stress intensity factor at the crack tip. This method has been compared with other solution methods including 3-D finite element analysis for cooldown boundary condition. The analysis results confirmed that the simplified methods provided sufficiently accurate stress intensity factor values for axial semi-elliptcal flaws on the surface of the reactor pressure vessel.