Development of Shape Optimization Scheme Using Selective Element Method (Application to 2-D Problems)

선택적 요소방법을 이용한 형상 최적 설계 기법 개발

  • Published : 2001.06.27


The structural shape optimization is a useful tool for engineers to determine the shape of a structure. During the optimization process, relocations of nodes happen successively. However, excessive movement of nodes often results in the mesh distortion and eventually deteriorates the accuracy of the optimum solution. To overcome this problem, an efficient method for the shape optimization has been developed. The method starts from the design domain which is large enough to hold the possible shape of the structure. The design domain has pre-defined uniform fine meshes. At every cycle, the method judges whether all the elements are inside of the structure or not. Elements inside of the structure are assigned with real material properties, however elements outside of the structure are assigned with nearly zero values. The performance of the method is evaluated through various examples.