Development of the Web based Power Quality Monitoring System

웹 기반의 전기품질 감시장치 개발

  • Nam, Kee-Young (K.E.R.I.(Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)) ;
  • Kim, Ho-Yong (K.E.R.I.(Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute))
  • Published : 2002.07.10


The increasing application of electronic equipment has heightened the interest in power quality in recent years because there are economic impacts on utilities, customers, and suppliers of load equipment. The power quality would impose result in severe damage on many industrial customers. As having been supplied many kinds of electronic devices such as computer and communication equipment, automation equipment and various kinds of control devices etc., it comes to be more and more difficult to maintain the clean power quality. According to the restructuring in electricity industry the power quality may be treated as goods as contract terms and regulation elements between power supplier and consumer in the near future. Under the above environment, the power quality should be monitored for all day long with appropriate devices which is possible to measure and record the associated power quality data to prove each responsibility for the impacts when disputes arise due to power quality problems power quality problems are occurred. In this paper the authors propose some functions to be considered and system configuration to monitor the associated power quality elements in developing the web based power quality monitoring system.