The Development of a super high speed motor driving system for the direct drive type turbo compressor

직접 구동방식의 터보 압축기를 위한 초고속 전동기 구동 시스템 개발

  • 권정혁 (삼성테크원 파워시스템연구소 전기전자 LAB.) ;
  • 변지섭 (삼성테크원 파워시스템연구소 전기전자 LAB.) ;
  • 최중경 (창원대학교 산업전자제어연구실)
  • Published : 2002.06.01


There are screw, reciprocating type turbo compressor by structure in an air compressor which is essential equipment on the industrial spot. Recently, the application range of a turbo compressor tend to be wide gradually. And this type of compressor needs high speed rotation of impeller in structure so high ratio gearbox and conventional induction motor driving required. This mechanical system have results of increased moment of inertia and mechanical friction loss. Recent studies of modern turbo compressor have been applied to developing super high speed BLDC motor and driver which remove gearbox that make its size small and mechanical friction loss minimum. To accomodate this tendency, we tried to develope a super high speed motor drive system for 150Hp, 70,000rpm direct drive Turbo compressor using DSP(Digital Signal Processor) and SVPWM(Space Vector Modulation PWM) technique. The results of this specific application show that super high speed driver and controller could be implemented well with digital electronics.