A Case Study on the Plan for Settlement Restraint by CGS

CGS 공법에 의한 지반침하억제 사례연구

  • Published : 2002.03.01


In this study the CGS as an injection method by low slump mortar was performed the pilot test to confirm the applicability of this method and the effectiveness of settlement restraint. From the results, there has been concluded the construction control standard such as an institutional diameter, space, depth, injection materials, Infection pressure etc. Also, there has been estimated the ground improvement effectiveness which has resulted from the field investigation and consolidation test etc. From the results, in the adjacent ground the CGS, generally, has been confirmed to in-crease ground strength to improve the consolidation characteristic obtained from the field investigation and consolidation test. Especially, the CGS which performed the larger stiffness to the ground has been concluded that the settlement restraint to the ground complicates the ground effect which Increases the bearing capacity and stress assignment. So, the CGS can be considered as an effective method to increase the bearing capacity as well as the settlement restraint of soft ground.