Load-Settlement Characteristics of Drilled Shafts Reinforced by Rockbolts

락볼트로 보강된 심형기초의 하중-침하 분석

  • Published : 2002.10.01


This paper describes the load distribution and settlement of rockbolted-drilled shafts subjected to axial and lateral loads with the view to shortening the embedded depth of the pile shaft. The emphasis was on quantifying the reinforcing effects of rockbolts placed from the shafts to surrounding weathered rocks based on small-scale model tests peformed on instrumented piles. The major influencing parameters on reinforcing drilled shaft behavior are the number, the positions on the shaft, the grade, and the inclination angle at which the rockbolts are placed. The model tests was 1/40 scaled simulations of the behavior of the drilled shafts with varying combinations of the major influencing parameters. The incremental effects of reinforcement based on the various parameters have been weighed against load transfer characteristics before and after rockbolt installations.