A 3D Watermarking on STL using Vertex domain

버텍스 영역을 이용한 STL에서의 3차원 디지털 워터마킹

  • Published : 2002.05.01


This paper is a research about method, that is used in Rapid Prototyping system, that inserts and extracts watermark in STL(standard transform language) that has a 3D geometrical model. The proposed algorithm inserts watermark in the vertex domain of STL facet without the distortion of 3D model. If we make use of a established algorithm for watermarking of STL, a watermark inserted to 3D model can be removed by simple attack that change order of facet. The proposed algorithm has robustness about these attack. Experiment results verify that the proposed algorithm, to encode and decode watermark in STL 3D geometrical model, doesn't distort a 3D model at all. And it shows that the proposed algorithm is available.