Vibration Control of Tower Structure under Wind Load

풍하중에 의한 타원형 구조물의 진동 제어

  • Published : 2002.08.01


The present parer outlines the system identification and vibration control performance of air traffic control tower of Yangyang international airport with tuned mass damper(TMD). From the free vibration test, natural frequency, damping ratio and mode shape of tower are obtained and these values are compared with the values from numerical analysis. In the vibration control test to evaluate the vibration control performance, equivalent damping ratio increased by tuned mass damper are obtained in case the TMD is operated as passive mode. Damping ratio of tower evaluated from free vibration test is about $1.0{\%}$. It is very low value than damping ratio recommended in general code. Damping ratio of passive mode is about $5{\%}$. These equivalent damping ratio increased by TMD is enough to enhance the serviceability of tower structure under wind load.