The Influence of The Starting Permanent Magnet on Average Torque of The Salient Pole Rotor Type Single Phase SRM

영구자석 기동장치가 회전자 돌극형 단상 SRM의 평균 토오크에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2003.07.21


Single phase SRM(switched reluctance motor) can not be start by itself because positive torque is generated in limited section. Therefore single phase SRM need starting device which is place the rotor in positive torque section when motor is begun to start. The prototype of salient pole rotor type single phase SRM, fabricated in previous research, has permanent magnet starting device. It is installed in bottom of the rotor for starting by itself. But, it is affected the motor when driving and cause the decrease of torque and speed. On this paper, average torque of the prototype was measured according to installation of the starting device or not. And influence of the staring device on average torque was confirmed by comparison of the results.