Ubiquitous Service Platform using Contextual Information

  • Published : 2003.11.01


Network infrastructure has spread to an unprecedented extent and is used in various computing devices, such as smart appliances, smart phones, and embedded devices with sensors, which have all been appearing in the computing environment. To accommodate this trend, for a more intelligent service environment, the service platform needs to have abilities that facilitate the operation between services, dynamically share distributed computing resources, and manage appropriate contextual information. We have simulated a service platform to provide intelligent services using contextual information after having implemented the context management service. The context management service gathers raw contextual information from sensors and stores these in the context database. For a consistent basis of contextual information, time and location are used as the key values of the contextual information. The context management service also performs normalization to provide computable contextual information to context-aware applications. In this paper, a service platform based on Jini technology is proposed for constructing an interoperable, dynamic, and . intelligent service environment using contextual information.