Development of Stamping Process Optimization System: Integration of Optimal Blank Design and Optimal Nesting

스템핑 공정 최적화 시스템의 개발 : 최적블랭크 설계와 최적배치의 일체화

  • Published : 2003.05.01


In recent years, design of an optimal blank shape is very important for sheet metal forming process in the automobile industry because the raw material cost rate is significant part in the automobile industry. With the design of an optimal blank shape, the engineer can protect a blank from an excessive holding force to improve the quality and reduce the ratio of material scrap. Therefore design of an optimal blank shape is inevitable in sheet metal forming process. However, if it causes a complicated shape of blank, it may be difficult to do the blank layout optimally. In this study, we developed software of optimal blank layout connected with the software of optimal blank shape design which was created in the past by the present authors. And by using these softwares, we would like to present the method in order to get optimal utilization ratio easily and precisely within short time for the sequence of works from design to blank layout.