New Fabrication method of Planar Micro Gas Sesnor Array

집적도를 높인 평면형 가스감지소자 어레이 제작기술

  • 정완영 (동서대학교 인터넷공학부)
  • Published : 2003.07.01


Thin tin oxide film with nano-size particle was prepared on silicon substrate by hydrothermal synthetic method and successive sol-gel spin coating method. The fabrication method of tin oxide film with ultrafine nano-size crystalline structure was tried to be applied to fabrication of micro gas sensor array on silicon substrate. The tin oxide film on silicon substrate was well patterned by chemical etching upto 5${\mu}{\textrm}{m}$width and showed very uniform flatness. The tin oxide film preparation method and patterning method were successfully applied to newly proposed 2-dimensional micro sensor fabrication.