The Micro Lens Mold Processing in Mechanical Fabrication Method

기계적인 가공방법에 의한 마이크로 렌즈 금형가공

  • Published : 2003.06.01


As high technology industries such as IT and display have developed, demand for application parts of micro lens and lens array has been extremely increasing. According to these trends, many researchers are studying on the fabrication technology for parts of the micro lens by a variety of methods such as MEMS, Lithography, LIGA and so on. In this paper, we have performed researches related to ultra precision micro lens, lens array mold and fabrication of Lenticular lens mold for three-dimensional display by using mechanical micro end-milling and fly-cutting fabrication method. Tools used in this research were a diamond tool of R 150$\mu\textrm{m}$. Cutting conditions set up feed rate, spindle revolution. depth of cut and dwell time as variables. And we analyzed surface quality variation of the processed products according to the cutting conditions, and then carried out experiments to search the optimum conditions. Through this research, we have confirmed that we can fabricate the ultra precision micro lens mold with surface roughness Ra=20nm and the holographic lens mold by using micro end-milling and fly-cutting fabrication method. Furthermore, we demonstrated problems happened in the fabrication of the micro lens and established the foundation of experimental study for formulating its improvement plan.