A Study on the Deflection Mode of a Ship's Plate according to the Arc-Length Method

호장증분법에 의한 선체판의 처짐모드에 관한 연구

  • 고재용 (목포해양대학교 해양시스템공학부) ;
  • 박주신 (목포해양대학교 해양시스템공학) ;
  • 이돈출 (목포해양대학교 기관시스템학) ;
  • 박성현 (목포해양대학교 해상운송시스템학부)
  • Published : 2003.05.01


Recently, the buckling is easy to happen a thin plate and High Tensile Steel is used at the structure so that it is wide. Especially, the buckling is becoming important design criteria in the ship structure to use especially the High Tensile Steel. Consequently, it is important that we grasp the conduct after the buckling behaviour accurately at the stability of the body of ship structure. In this study, examined closely about conduct and secondary buckling after initial buckling of thin plate structure which receive compressive load according to various kinds aspect ratio under simply supported condition that make by buckling formula in each payment in advance rule to place which is representative construction of hull. Analysis method is F.E.M by ANSYS and complicated nonlinear behaviour to analyze such as secondary buckling.