Development and Application of Measuring Method for Instantaneous Intensity

순시 인텐시티 측정 기법의 개발 및 응용

  • Published : 2003.05.01


Sound intensity method is well known as a visualization technique of sound field and sound propagation in noise control. Sound intensity is a vector quantity that describes the magnitude and the direction of net flow of acoustic energy at a given position. The current measuring method is expensive and difficult to identify the noise source exactly. In this paper, we have studied the noise source identification and the characteristics of noise source of rotary compressor for air conditioner using complex sound intensity method. The new method for instantaneous sound intensity is also proposed and it is useful for transient state and steady state. The criteria of these state, select auto correlation coefficient. The advantage, simplicity and economic attribution of this method are verified by analyzing the characteristics of noise source with instantaneous sound intensity compared to mean sound intensity.