Development of Power Quality Monitoring System(PQMS) : Database Design for PQMS

전력품질 감시 시스템 개발(1): 전력품질 데이터베이스 설계

  • Published : 2003.11.13


Recently, with the increasing use of power semiconductors and microprocessors which are very sensitive to little change of power quality and power market being formed according to the reorganization of the power market, power providers and consumers show much interest in the power quality problem. This situation makes the demand creation of integrated system for power quality analysis and monitoring based on speedy and powerful functions by the growth of computer hardware and information technology, and besides advanced corporation already have created and employed power quality analysis and monitoring system. In this papers, it will be introduced that power quality database design-database is essential to integrated system-for managing effectively and confidently data from the power quality meters(PQM).