Synthesis of Ag-Pd Electrode having Oxide Additive

산화물을 첨가한 Ag-Pd 전극의 제조

  • Published : 2003.07.10


Downsizing electronics requires precision position control with an accuracy of sub-micron order, which demands development of ultra-fine displacive devices. Piezoelectric transducer is one of devices transferring electric field energy into mechanical energy and being capable for fine displacement control. The transducer has been widely used as fine Position control device Multilayer piezoelectric actuator, one of typical piezo-transducer, is fabricated by stacking alternatively ceramic and electrode layers several hundred times followed by cofiring process. Electrode material should be tolerable in the firing process maintaining at ceramic-sintering temperatures up to $1100{\sim}1300^{\circ}C$. Ag-Pd can be used as stable electrode material in heat treatment above $960^{\circ}C$. Besides, adding small quantity ceramic powder allow the actuator to be fabricated in a good shape by diminishing shrinkage difference between ceramic and electrode layers, resulting in avoidance of crack and delamination at and/or nearby interface between ceramic an electrode layers. This study presents synthesis of nano-oxide-added Ag/Pd powders and its feasibility to candidate material tolerable at high temperature. The powders were formed in a co-precipitation process of Ag and Pd in nano-oxide-dispersed solution where Ag and Pd precursors are melted in $HNO_3$ acid.