Insulating Reliability according to additives in Epoxy Composites for PCB Material

인쇄 회로 기판용 에폭시 복합체의 첨가제에 따른 절연 신뢰도

  • Published : 2003.05.16


In this study, the DC dielectric breakdown of epoxy composites used for PCB material was experimented and then its data were simulated by Weibull distribution equation. The more hardener increased the stronger breakdown strength at low temperature because of cross-linked density by the virtue of ester radical, and the breakdown strength of specimens with filler was lower than it of non-filler specimens because it is believed that the adding filler forms interface and charge is accumulated in it, therefore the molecular motility is raised, the electric field is concentrated, and the acceleration of electron and the growth of electron avalanche are early accomplished. From the analysis of Weibull distribution, it was confirmed that as the allowed breakdown probability was given by 0.1[%], the applied field value needed to be under 21.5[kV/mm].