The development of European railway vehicle body through analysis and test

해석 및 시험 평가를 통한 유럽형 전동차 차체 개발

  • Published : 2003.05.01


Rotem Company has designed and manufactured a railway vehicle body according to the European standard EN 12663, which applies to all railway vehicles within the EU(European Union) and EFTA(European Free Trade Association) territories. EN 12663 specifies the loads vehicle bodies shall be capable of withstanding, identifies how material data shall be used and presents the principles to be used for design verification by analysis and test. The structural design of railway vehicle bodies depends on the loads they are subjected to and the characteristics of the materials they are manufactured from. However, the structural requirements of EN 12663 are very different from those of existing Korean and Japanese regulations and standards. Therefore, in order to fulfill the structural requirements, Rotem Company has carried out Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and has performed load tests on the vehicle body according to EN 12663. This research contains the results obtained by the analysis and the load tests. The analysis is carried out using I-DEAS Master Series 8 and specially designed test jigs and equipment are used for the load tests.