The Dynamic Analysis of Cable Dome Structures

케이블 돔의 구조물의 동적 비선형 해석

  • Published : 2004.05.22


Cable domes deform very largely because of the characteristics of flexible hybrid system and pre-tension, and include geometrical non-linearity in those structural behavior. Especially wind load is more dominant than seismic load, because cable domes are flexible structures whose bending stiffness is very small and self-weight is very light. Therefore, in this paper, the Modified Stiffly Stable Method is applied to analyze the nonlinear dynamic behavior of cable domes and compared these results with ones of the $Newmark-{\beta}$ Method which is generally used. The Seoul Olympic Gymnastic Arena is taken as an numerical example and three kinds of models with giving each different intensity of pre-tension are selected. And dynamic nonlinear behavior of cable domes are analyzed by artificial spectrum of wind velocity wave which is similar to actual wind loads.