Shape Optimization of Three-Dimensional Cutouts in Laminated Composite Plates

삼차원 적층복합재 구멍의 형상 최적화

  • Published : 2004.04.01


Shape optimization was performed to obtain the precise shape of cutouts including the internal shape of cutouts in laminated composite plates by three dimensional modeling using solid element. The volume control of the growth-strain method was implemented and the distributed parameter chosen as Tsai-Hill fracture index for shape optimization. The volume control of the growth-strain method makes Tsai-Hill failure index at each element uniform in laminated composites under the initial volume. Then shapes optimized by Tsai-Hill failure index were compared with those of the initial shapes for the various load conditions and cutouts. The following conclusions were obtained in this study. (1) It was found that growth-strain method was applied efficiently to shape optimization of three dimensional cutouts in a laminate composite, (2) The optimal shapes of the various load conditions and cutouts were obtained, (3) The maximum Tsal-Hill failure index was reduced up to 67% when shape optimization was peformed under the initial volume by volume control of growth-strain method.