The Electron Detector in Scanning Electron Microscope

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  • 이상욱 (울산대 대학원 기계자동차공학부) ;
  • 전종업 (울산대 기계자동차공학) ;
  • 한상훈 ((주)지울코리아)
  • Published : 2004.04.01


The nature of the signals collected by an SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope) in order to form images are all dependent on the detector used to collect them, and the quality of an acquired image is strongly influenced by detector performance. Therefore, the development of detector with high performance is very important in pulling up the resolution of SEM. In this article, electron beam-specimen interactions, the detection principle of secondary electrons and backscattered electrons, and the structure of a conventional detector are described. The structure of an experimental apparatus for the future study on our hopeful novel electron detector is presented as well.