Stability Analysis and Ultra-Precision Positioning for UPCU

UPCU의 안정성 검토 및 초정밀 위치결정

  • Published : 2005.05.01


The world, coming into the 21st century, is preparing a new revolution called a knowledge-based society after the industrial society. The interest of the world is concentrated on information technology, nano-technology and biotechnology. In particular, the nano-technology of which study was originally started from an alternative for overcoming semiconductor micro-technology. It can be applied to most industry subject such as electronics, information and communication, machinery, chemistry, bioengineering, energy, etc. They are emerging into the technology that can change civilization of human beings. Specially, ultra precision machining is quickly applied to nano-technology in the field of machinery. Lately, with rapid development of electronics industry and optic industry, there are needs for super precision finishing of various core parts required in such related apparatuses. This paper handles stability of a super precision micro cutting machine that is a core unit of such a super precision finisher, and analyzes the results depending on the hinge type and material change, using FEM analysis. By reviewing the stability, it is possible to achieve the effect of basic data collection for unit control and to reduce trials and errors in unit design and manufacturing.