A Study on the TRV(SLF) of Circuit Breakers According to Install Current Limit Reactors

345kV 고장전류 저감을 위한 한류리액터 설치시 차단기 TRV(근거리 고장시) 검토

  • Published : 2005.07.18


An enhancement for a transmission and substation equipment in power system make the system impedance to be lower. In principle, if the system impedance become low, system stability will be better, but the fault current become very higher. It is a very big problem for CB operating. As a fact of CB operating performance, high amplitude of the fault current may cause CB operation failure because of exceeding standard value in TRV. So we simulated TRV by using the EMTP. Generally there are two types of TRV in actual power system. One is short line fault, the other is bus terminal fault. In this paper, we simulated the TRv at short line fault as installed current limit reactors to reduce fault current in 345kV ultra-high voltage system. Short line fault is caused from single line fault in transmission line.