Characteristics of DC 48[V] telecommunication power supply

DC 48[V] 통신용 전원 장치의 특성

  • Published : 2005.07.18


The AC-DC converter, which has three-phase AC power as input and isolated DC power as output is used for the regulated DC power supply of the telecommunication power processing system for several kilowatt class applications. The conventional DC power supply for the telecommunication power system comprises a PWM rectifier with sine-wave shaping input current unity power factor and a DC/DC converter connected to the PWM converter, which obtains DC 48[V]. Since power passes through these two power stage converters, the conversion power loss is difficult to provide high efficiency. To resolve these problems, this paper presents a new PWM rectified as a 1-stage power conversion method. It simulation and experimental results as proved from a practical point of view that 92.1[%]of conversion efficiency and input current which can meet harmonics regulation of the Class-A in IEC61000-3-3 are achieved.