Design and Implementation of Public Web Services Analyzer

웹 서비스 분석기의 디자인과 구현

  • Matai Janarbek (School of Engineering, Information and Communications University) ;
  • Published : 2005.11.01


Web services (WS) present a new promising software technology, which provides application-to-application interaction. They are built on the top of existing web protocol and based on open XML standards. Web services are described using WSDL, and the UDDI is a integration directory provide registry of Web Services descriptions. WSDL provides information of Web Services but it is getting more and more important to know more than those provided by WSDL. From WSDL we can not get the information like usage of WS, performance of WS, complexity of WS, usability of WS with other web service. In this paper, we proposed a new method for Web Services so called Public Web Services Analyzer (PWSA). This technique is based on analyzing various public UDDI registries in order to get various kinds of statistics of web services. Those statistics will be used by both web services developers and consumers for finding them suitable services for their needs. PWSA guarantees that it can provide enough information to find right web services for both Web Services Consumers and Web Service Developers.