A study for CWR on Steel Plate Girder Railway Bridge without Ballast

무도상 교량 특성을 고려한 장대화 방안에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.05.01


From the using CWR (Continuously Welded Rail) on steel plate girder bridges without ballast, axial forces are occurred from a temperature on CWR and girders. Because of the additional axial forces, studies in order to CWR and developments of devices are proceeding. The track system of steel plate girder bridges is poor. When CWR is used for the system, the resistance on sleepers is increased from a temperature. So it is increasing an effect on CWR and, for solving the effect, longitudinal forces for buckle are being decreased. It is possible that opposite cases can be happened and it is also compared and studied. Therefore, we present a reasonable model for analyzing CWR within the property of steel plate girder railway bridges in Korea. Furthermore, the results analyzed for stability is compared and evaluated with tests. Finally, a reasonable method for the installation of CWR on bridges without ballast is suggested.