Estimation Technique of deicing current for configuration of deicing system in conventional line

기존선 해빙시스템 구성을 위한 해빙전류 예측기법

  • Published : 2005.10.20


Deicing system operated in high speed line is to melt frost or ice freezed in catenary line when the temperature is lower than 0 in winter. The principle of deicing system is to m디t frost or ice by Joule heat of catenary impedance. The performance of deicing is dependant of deicing current determined by the length of deicing section, deicing impedance and current division ratio of catenary line and messenger line. So, We present technique for estimating deicing current in convention line. Deicing impedance is estimated using Carson - Pollaczek, current division ratio of catenary line and messenger line is estimated using voltage drop, and deicing current is estimated using power system data of operation secion for deicing system in this technique. To verify the validity of technique, we compare the estimated current using technique of this paper with deicng current of high speed line.