PTFE 일렉트렛트의 대전 과정 시뮬레이션

Simulation of Charging Process in PTFE Electret

  • 발행 : 2005.05.27


In this study, the Thermally Stimulated Current(TSC) of corona charged PTFE is studied and the simulation of corona charging process is also calculated by Finite Element Method. The electrets which were formed by applying high voltages (DC ${\pm}5{\sim}{\pm}8$ [kV]) to PTFE, are used to measure TSC in the temperature range of $-100{\sim}+200$ [$^{\circ}C$] and then the Finite Element Method is performed to examine corona charging process using a obtained physical constants. As a result. it is confirmed that the charging negative corona is profitable as the applications are manufactured, because the time constant of negative corona is much larger than it of positive corona. And it is attempted to estimate the corona charging process in space using simulation.