Evaluation of Sound Quality for Urban Environmental Sound

도시 환경음의 음질 평가

  • Published : 2005.05.01


This study performed an physical analysis on the characteristics of urban environmental sound divided into three parts depending on their features. Object sounds were classified into traffic sound, waster sound and spatial sound. Traffice sound was selected because it is dominant sound in urban environment, and water sound is selected because it generally supplies pleasantness in contrast to traffic sound, Finally spatial sound was considered because it represents sound in various places of city having lots of behaviors and types of sound due to them. Physcal analysis was carried out using sound quality indices based on Zwicker's loudness, $L_{Aeq}$(equivalent noise level), Ln(percentile noise level) and other acoutical attributes applied to previous study. Through the analysis, this study aims to compare the acoustical characteristics of urban environmental sound and to provide fundamental data for the evaluation of urban environmental sound.