Structural Analysis of Cylinder Frame for Medium-speed Diesel Engine

중형 디젤엔진용 실린더 프레임에 대한 구조해석

  • 손정호 (현대중공업(주) 선박해양연구소 기계설계연구실) ;
  • 김무승 (현대중공업(주) 선박해양연구소 구조연구실) ;
  • 안성찬 (현대중공업(주) 선박해양연구소 기계설계연구실)
  • Published : 2005.06.26


Cylinder frame manufactured by casting is assembled with the components such as cylinder head, cylinder liner and main bearing cap, etc. The mechanical contact between all of the neighboring components due to bolt tightening was taken into consideration. The loads used in structural analysis were the bolt tightening forces induced by hydraulic jack and the dynamic forces calculated from kinematic analysis. The difference of forces between the neighboring cylinders was taken into account. The maximum stress, stress amplitude and mean stress calculated from the results of structural analyses were used to evaluate the static and fatigue strength. Gray cast iron which is material of cylinder frame has the material characteristics of very small elongation and different strength in tension and compression. Based on such an material characteristics, the strength evaluation of cylinder frame was carried out with in-house program developed internally.