Electric Discharge Analysis Using Nonlinarly-Coupled Equation of Electromagnetic Field and Charge Transport

방전현상 해석을 위한 전자장 및 전하이동 방정식의 비선형 결합 알고리즘

  • Published : 2006.07.12


A complete finite element analysis method for discharge onset process, which is governed and coupled by charge transport equation and electric field equation, was presented. The charge transport equation of first order was transformed into a second-order one by utilizing the artificial diffusion scheme. The two second-order equations were analyzed by the finite element formulation which is well-developed for second-order ones. The Fowler-Nordheim injection boundary condition was adopted for charge transport equation. After verifying the numerical results by comparing to the analytic solutions using parallel plane electrodes with one carrier system, we extended the result to blade-plane electrodes in 2D xy geometry with three carriers system. Radius of the sharp tip was taken to be 50 ${\mu}m$. When this sharp geometry was solved by utilizing the space discretizing methods, the very sharp tip was found to cause a singularity in electric field and space charge distribution around the tip. To avoid these numerical difficulties in the FEM, finer meshes, a higher order shape function, and artificial diffusion scheme were employed.