A Study on Trust and Commitment between Buyer and Supplier of Industrial Parts, and Their Usage of Information Technology

산업재 부품 구매자와 공급자의 신뢰와 몰입, 그리고 정보기술의 이용에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.08.16


This study aims to determine the association structure of the behavioral relationship variables, such as trust, commitment, cooperation, communication and coercive power, in the relationship between the buyers and suppliers of industrial parts. It also investigates the impact of the use of IT technologies on the relationships quality. Data was collected from 216 part suppliers of machinery, electronics and automobiles located in Incheon. Data supported all of the proposed hypotheses. First, it was confirmed that parts suppliers' trust in buyers leads to the commitment into relationships with buyers. Second, cooperation and communication showed a positive influence on parts suppliers' trust in buyers, and coercive power gave a negative influence on trust. Third, the use of IT technologies like Internet and E-Mail between parts suppliers and buyers was verified to have generally a positive influence on the quality of relationships. At the same time, cooperation and communication were confirmed to have a positive influence on each other, and cooperation and coercive power as well as communication and coercive power were confirmed to have negative influence on each other. This study is a pioneering attempt to examine the relationships between suppliers and buyers of industrial parts, and the influence IT technologies on the relationship quality. Also, the findings will be practically much helpful to find how to reinforce the relationships between parts suppliers and buyers.