An Estimate for Convergence and Efficiency of Nonlinear Shape Analysis According to the Control Techniques

제어기법에 따른 비선형 형상해석의 수렴성 및 효율성 펑가

  • Published : 2006.05.27


Membrane structures, a kind of lightweight soft structural system, are used for spatial structures. The material property of the membrane has strong axial stiffness, but little bending stiffness. The design procedure of membrane structures are needed to do shape finding, stress-deformation analysis and cutting pattern generation. In shape finding, membrane structures are unstable structures initially. These soft structures need to be introduced initial stresses because of its initial unstable state, and happen large deformation phenomenon. Therefore, in this study, to find the structural shape after large deformation caused by initial stress, we need the shape analysis considering geometric nonlinear term. And we investigate the evaluation of shape analysis technique's convergence and efficiency according to the control method