Standardization Strategy on 3D Animation Contents

3D 애니메이션 콘텐츠의 SCORM 기반 표준화 전략

  • Published : 2006.11.10


In making 3D animation with digital technology, it is necessary to increase productivity and reusability by managing production pipeline systematically through standardization of animation content. For this purpose, we try to develop the animation content management system that can manage all kind of information on the production pipeline, based on SCORM of e-teaming by considering production, publication and re-editing. A scene as the unit of visual semantics is standardize into an object that contains meta-data of place, cast, weather, season, time and viewpoint about the scene. The meta-data of content includes a lot of information of copyright, publication, description, etc, so that it plays an important role on the management and the publication. If an effective management system of meta-data such as ontology will be implemented, it is possible to search multimedia contents powerfully. Hence, it will bring on production and publication of UCC. Using the meta-data of content object, user and producer can easily search and reuse the contents. Hence, they can choose the contents object according to their preference and reproduce their own creative animation by reorganizing and packaging the selected objects.