A study on the axial force on the CWR of the suport rotation

열차하중에 따른 교량 신축부 장대레인 축력 연구

  • 박준오 (한국철도도시설산업(주) 선로시설연구소) ;
  • 김종민 ((주)동명기술공단 철도부) ;
  • 김우진 (한국철도시설산업(주) 선로시설연구소)
  • Published : 2006.11.09


It is widely known that the temperature variation introduces the axial force along a CWR(Continuous Welded Rail) in the railway bridges. Additional axial forces are generated due to many other reasons. These includes the interaction between the bridge girder and the CWR; acceleration or deceleration of the vehicles; support rotation (or deflection) of the girder. Among aforementioned reasons, this study investigates the influence of the support rotation on additional axial forces throughout the numerical study and the field test. Several strains gauges are installed along the CWR and the strains are measured under passing trains. It is expected that the elaborated estimation of the axial force on CWR will be beneficial for future railway maintenance.