Finite Element Analysis for Behavior of Porous Media Using the S-ALE Method

S-ALE를 이용한 다공질 매체 거동의 유한요소해석

  • Published : 2006.04.01


A porous medium is composed of solids, fluids, and gas which have different physical and chemical properties. In addition, these constituents have a relative velocity between each other. So far, in order to analyze porous media using finite element method, Lagrangian or Eulerian method has been used. However, the numerical analyses for porous media have a defect that the methods do not describe the movements of constituents. In this paper, numerical analysis for unsaturated porous media was performed in frame of ALE method which has advantages of Lagrangian and Eulerian. Namely, the Lagrangian description was used in solid phase, and the Eulerian description was used in fluid or gas phase in a porous medium Then the relationship between each other was controlled by the convective term in ALE method. Finally, the numerical results of ALE were compared with tile results of Lagrangian analysis.