A Study on the Analysis of Change Order - Claim in Design-Build

설계시공 일괄입찰공사에서 설계변경 클레임요인의 분석에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.11.11


The insistence of rights and interests in contract is being generalized by opening in construction market which is following F.T.A, internationally. Conditions of contract in construction have different specialities compared with other industries. Different conditions of contract should be established because of a specific character that is different from each construction, such as work, environment, circumference conditions. Although the order of Turn-key is being expanded by increasing construction scale and demanding hybrid function, the suitable regulations of contract are not settled. As a result, various factors of claim is occurring in Change Order-Claim, because they just obey a part of guide-line. This study suggests useful solutions in detail concerned with the main factor of Change Order-Claim by each D/B phases through practical sorting and analysis of the causes of Change Order-Claim.