A Study on the Impact of the Attitude of e-learning on the Effectiveness of e-learning

e-learning에 대한 태도가 e-learning 유효성에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2006.05.26


The purpose of this paper is to study of the attitude of e-learning on the effectiveness of e-learning and the antecedents of e-learning. For this study, samples were collected in the school where e-learning was students of cyber lecture. Structural equation model was used to analyze the data. The result of this empirical study is summarized as followings. First, The attitude of e-learning has a positive effect on the e-learning effectiveness. Second, ease of use of learning management system, learning motivation, information quality of learning contents has positive effect on the attitude of e-learning, but usefulness of learning management system has no effect on the attitude of e-learning. Therefore, the former consists of learning management system, learning contents and information quality that are provided by e-learning and the latter means learning motivation.