Characteristic of the femtosecond laser machining in glass

펨토초 레이어 기반 유리 내부가공 특성

  • Published : 2006.05.01


For longer than picosecond pulses, bulk damage inside defect-free dielectrics involves the heating and multiplication of spurious electrons by the incident laser beam and transfer of this energy to the lattice. The situation is quite different for femtosecond pulses which are shorter than the time scale for electron energy transfer to the lattice. Damage caused by these pulses is produced with smaller statistical uncertainty and is controllable on a microscopic scale. These properties can be exploited to produce laser devices such as arrays of damage dots for all optical memories with high data storage density or arrays of parallel grooves to form transmission gratings. In this work, we observed characteristic of the femtosecond laser machining in BK7 and fused silica.